First Day Photos!



Today was our kick off day for the school year. We started the morning off with back to school photos. Then we hit the road to Wichita for my treatment. One of the best things about homeschooling is the flexibility! The girls took their work and did it in the lobby of the doctors office. Kept them entertained during  a long treatment. The we had a great lunch and window shopping/dreaming at Cabellas before heading back home! A Great 1st day!

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2015-16 Back to School Theme



Keeping with the super cute Woodland Creature theme from Funshine Express, I decided to do the “Not Back to School Fairy” decorating in the same theme. Check out this year’s Funshine Stuff here!!!!

This year the girls were on vacation with my parents so I got to do lots of planning and decorating without hiding in a dark closet hoping not to get caught!


I found these decorations on Teachers Pay Teachers and it saved me a ton of time!

Forest and Woodland Classroom Decor Theme Pack {Editable}

I then customized the tags for our classroom and created their name tags and place mats.


I also used it to create the labels for their “Not Back to School Fairy” loot!







After completing the school supplies items I moved on to the 1st day outfits for back to school pictures.

I found some cute forest friends clip art and created some felt appliques for t-shirts. Then stitched them on! They turned out so cute!!!! Now tomorrow we take the pics!!!!



20150817_231730 20150818_115411


Check out this year’s curriculum picks here!

What comes in a Funshine Express Kit?


It’s here! It’s HERE!!!!! The 2015-16 Funshine Express starter kit!!!!!!!!!

I could hardly wait to rip open the box and get the classroom decorated and ready to go!

I am in LOVE with the new super cute woodland animal theme!

Here is the shape, number, and color display! Isn’t it adorable!



Ashlee will be thrilled with her new weather station too!



If you have been wanting to try Funshine Express but didn’t want to jump in during the middle of a theme now is your chance! The September Kits come with the new displays! You can also get in on all the 2015-16 themes that the kids are sure to love!

Check out the 2015-16 Activity/Theme schedule here!

September themes are…

September 2015 I Am Special
Homes to Live In
A, B, C 1, 2, 3 Red Circle

Wonder what else comes in a kit and how to use it? Take a look!!!

Also find Funshine Express on Facebook.

Can’t wait to get our year started!!!!