Clown Around!

clown around


We are just wrapping up our Funshine Express “Hats Off to You” unit! But, before we do I wanted to share one more fun post!

The Fireflies kit included to fun crafts this time! A Party Hat and A Clowning Around Ruffle. I thought it would be fun to combine the two crafts to make a super cute clown costume.

As always the crafts were super simple and easy to prepare and make. We added some fun stickers to the party hats too!



The kids had a blast making the clown ruffles. We used eye droppers and water colored with food coloring to create them. What a great fine motor activity!





No clown is complete without a red nose, right? Use a pom pom with some Vaseline on the back to help it stick. Your clown is complete!



We finished off the clowning by reading “Clown Around” by Dana Meachen Rau. It was fun to have the kiddos act out the story after reading it a few times. And SHHHH…. It was a great gross motor activity!


Spooky Food!

I have been sharing all week about out Halloween Birthday party. Today I’m sharing the spooky food that we served!

I’ll let you in on a little secret… It wasn’t anything special but If you give something ordinary a spooky name the kids will love it!

Here is what was on the menu!

Assorted potions and tonics… (soda pop)

We found some sticker labels at party city. But, I ran out and went Pinterest hunting and found some that you can print yourself and adhere with packing tape. Get them HERE.



Dried Brains and Pumpkin Poop…(chips)



I found cheese balls in a large tub and painted a jack-o-lantern face on the tub.

Monster Eyes… (Marshmallow Popcorn Balls)


Zombie toes wrapped in Mummy Wrappers… (hotdogs & buns)

Use these printable labels to design your own spooky menu! Spooky Food Labels

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? And you can’t forget cake!!!!!


Candy Corn Cake


Jack-O-Lantern Cake (use a bundt pan, make 2 and place with top sides together)

Just Batty & Other DIY Halloween Decorations


I always want my girls to have the best birthdays and the best birthday parties possible! But, the pocket book doesn’t always allow for big expensive parties. We cut down the cost a little by combining the girls parties and just having one big party for all three of them. We can do that because they are so close and I am thankful!!!

Another way to cut cost is by DIY decorations! The girls choose a Halloween theme this year and I went Pinterest hunting for ideas! Here are some that I found or got creative and made.

Toilet Paper Roll Bats…

Paint rolls black and let dry. Add on wings from template below. Then some goggley eyes and a crooked grin! Punch hole in bottom and hang upside down.



bat wing template




I also found some spooky glow skeletons at the $1 store and hung them with some black and gray eyelash yarn. They make a great addition to the hanging bats!


Creepy Cobwebs…

I picked up some white eyelash yarn several years ago for a project and had a ton left over so I put it to use making some creepy cobwebs! I added in some glow bugs I found at the $1 store and of course spider rings.


Giant Creepy Cobweb!


Spider Rings


Glow Bugs


Add some to a dead tree branch for some indoor spooky!


Terrible Tombstones…

The $ tree has been a huge help this party! They have foam tombstones that made a great decoration! I used some glow paint to outline the details of each “stone”. We then added a battery powered strobe light to increase the spook factor. These were a great addition to the spook trail we created in an overgrown field that my Hubby mowed a path through. I added some more giant spiderwebs, some white trash bag ghosts, and anything that I could get my hands on that glowed! Some adults hid out and prayed the kiddos with silly string and confetti!



Bobbing for Apples…

Bobbing for apples was a great party game but to increase the spook factor I made a ghost tub! I just painted a ghost face on the side of a white tub that I found at (you guessed it) the $ store!




Oh and Anything Glows!!!!!! We passed out glow necklaces and bracelets that way the kids were decorations haha



I’ll share more about the food decorations in tomorrows Fun Food Friday post!