Snap Art

10806187_10100553547837952_352867203350522816_nToday’s Funshine Express project has been is our favorite for the month! Once again, I couldn’t ask for easier prep work. So grateful to Funshine for all the hard work they do to make my job easy! All the materials were ready to go. I just opened the bag and we were crafting.

What you will need: A Funshine Express Kit!!!!!! or….

  • Paper
  • Styrofoam meat tray
  • Rubber-bands
  • Paint
  • Paint brush

Place the rubber-bands around the tray as pictured below.



Have children paint the rubber bands their desired colors.


Then let the fun begin! Have the children snap the rubber-band to create a splattered design. (caution… this was a bit messy so use washable paint! but oh so worth the fun!)

10422511_10100553547892842_3655573740288980390_n Review


I am so excited to share some news with you… I am now part of the 2015 Schoolhouse Review Crew!

What does that mean?

It means that I get a lot of great homeschool products to use with my family. I then review them and let you know how they helped us and how they can also help you. This program will help me offer relevant suggestions of products to you and maybe even some giveaways!!!!!

Well, lets get this adventure rolling shall we! Over the past two weeks I have had the opportunity to use . I received a Yearly Membership to review for you today. 


What is

It is a computer based curriculum site from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. It offers Christian based homeschooling curriculum for all ages, resources for students & parents, and lots of other fun. There are over 100 online course that are pre-recorded for you to use so that you don’t have to worry about keeping a crazy schedule. You won’t miss a thing if you need to take a day or two off.

Formats include videos, pdf’s, downloads, lap books, and so much more. They also have planners and record keeping resources in addition to all the fabulous topics covered for the kiddos.

What is on the site?

With your membership you get EVERYTHING! Full access to the site. I found stuff for my preschoolers and grade schoolers to enjoy. There we also many up level classes to explore. Lots of topics are covered also.

They are easily organized and searchable by age and/or area of study.

I found…

  • Home economics – sewing, home managment, etc…
  • Music – theory, guitar, violin, & recorder
  • 2 preschool curriculums
  • Writing
  • Literature
  • Math
  • Science
  • Art classes
  • Astronomy

They also offer parent resources including:

  • Special needs resources
  • The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
  • Daily menues
  • Planners
  • Family fitness
  • And Encouragment!

What did we use?

Since we only had two weeks to use before the review I decided to keep it simple. I browsed through lots of different topics and decided to try the science experiment videos since we have been lacking in that area.


Each week they offer a different science experiment to do. Don’t worry they also archive them (since 2012) so if you want you can go back to the older videos an watch or perform them too!

The experiments are creative and engaging. They offer videos and step-by-step instructions with explanations and learning targets. They are all simple experiments that you can do in your home.

Last week our experiment was “Orange Flash”! We were challenged to figure out how and why orange peel will make a candle flash, and to make predictions. The class always emphasized safety protocols.


This week the class showed us how to pop popcorn in a Christmas ball!

The videos are fun to watch and the kids get excited to see what is going to happen next. There is always a downloadable guide to help you out too.

I am just as excited for next weeks experiment as my children!

What is my HONEST opinion of


Honestly I was a bit overwhelmed at all the available options and such a short time frame. However, once I started digging in to the available options they were well organized and easy to use. It was hard to pick just one!

All the teachers are experts in their fields and do a great job interacting with the students even though it is all pre-recorded. The classes are challenging and quality. There is SO MUCH information at your fingertips! I am just excited that I get a whole year to explore and use it!

I absolutely recommend this product to all of you! It is an excellent site for anyone who homeschools from toddlers to highschool. There is something for every age and interest.

So what is the damage going to be?

A yearly membership is normally $12.95/month or $139/year, but now through Christmas, you can save 40% off a monthly membership or 50% off a yearly membership!  You can get all these amazing resources for just $64.26/year!  

So Grab it now and enjoy a full year of stress free on demand homeschool courses!

Find out what others thought about here.


The Littlest Elf

the littlest Christmas elf

Yesterday was elf day here at the Hoggatt homeschool. Which was fitting since our elves decided to be a little naughty and act up by decoratiing our classroom a litle crazy!



We started off the day by reading the Golden Book “The Littlest Christmas Elf”. This is a great book that helps the kids see that even though they are small they can still have an important roll in their families if they use their gifts.

After our story we made the Elf Shoe craft found in the Dec. Funshine Express, Fireflies kit. The kids had a good time designing, decorating and cutting out their shoes. After they were finished they make a great Christmas ornament for the class tree, or a gift for grandma/grandpa.  I like how Funshine activities hide in all kinds of fine motor activities within their crafts. The kiddos don’t even notice that they are learning while they are having so much fun!



Our day couldn’t be complete without making some elf hats! Here is how we did it…

Cut out 1 hat pattern, 1 border patter, and 1 pair of ears per child. (see templates below)


Have them decorate as they wish. Then assemble by making a cone out of the hat pattern. Attach the border and ears. Finally punch holes and add string to tie under their chins.




Elf Hat Templates…


Hat Border Template


Hat Template


Elf Ear Template