A Fruitful Harvest!

Yes, I know it is the middle of summer in Kansas where is hasn’t been below 100 degrees in weeks and I’m thinking about harvest!

My reading yesterday took me to Psalm 65:10-14 and Matthew 13:1-23.
Psalm 65 “The seed that falls on good ground will yield a fruitful harvest”
Matthew 13 ” The seed is the word of God, Christ is the sower. All who come to him will have life everlasting.”

so… what is our place?
It is our job as parents to prepare the soil of our own hearts and of our children that they may one day prepare the hearts of future generations!

I began thinking about the parable in Matthew and the types of soil.

The first was “the path” this soil listens but is unable to understand and the evil one snatches it away before it gets to the heart! We need to start early preparing the soil and laying down the foundation our God in our children’s lives and not wait until they are able to understand; but include even the little ones in our spiritual routines that they might grow into their spiritual walk with a good framework.

The second, “Rocky Places” this soil hears and receives with joy but there is no good stable foundation to put down roots, leaving it vulnerable to the elements. This is where we as parents need to set the example! We need to guard our hearts and lives against the “rocks”. What we allow to enter our home and lives determines what our children see and hear as acceptable. Don’t let the world throw rocks into our children’s soil!

The third, and what I see as most dangerous, is “Among the Thorns”. This soil hears but lets the worries, deceitfulness and distractions of this life choke it out. This soil has a false security! It is growing in what appears to be other fruitful plants so the guard is let down and we become lazy in its care taking. We fail to prune, weed, water, etc…

The last,the “Good Soil” the goal! We daily hear, understand, and produce crop!
We as not only home educators, but as trusted stewards of God’s soil must be daily vigilant in the cultivation our lives and setting the example to our children about the type of soil we want them to be! He has entrusted us to ready them for Christ (the sower) to plant the seed (word of God).

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