Bible in 90 days (#B90days) – Day 9: A Higher Standard

Scripture :
Leviticus 18:4-5 You must obey my laws and be careful to follow my decrees, I am the Lord your God. Keep my decrees and laws for the man who obeys them will live by them, I am the Lord.

Observation :
God was calling the Israelites to be different than those around them. He was trying to prevent them for adopting the sinful culture around them. He gave them the tools for success and he was telling them how to use them. He was calling them to a higher standard of living.

Application :
We to are called to a higher standard. The statement to the Israelites was the ultimate. ” in it not of it”. We to are called to live in this world but to be set apart from those who observed their fleshly desires. We are to show the light of Christ threw our lives. The way we act, live, speak, etc… needs to reflect Christ and his love for us and all people. We are called to be salt and light!

Prayer :
Lord help me to have the strength to live wholly devoted to you. Your will for my life. Help me to follow your decrees that my life may reflect You to those around me

One thought on “Bible in 90 days (#B90days) – Day 9: A Higher Standard

  1. It is hard being stuck in the middle of our world and God’s will. Thank God He gave us His Spirit to help!

    If only we could eliminate the significant share of the pulling towards the world’s standards that seems to come from other members of Christ’s body…

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