#B90days: Day 39- Keep My Lamp Burning

You, Lord, Keep my lamp burning; My God turns darkness into light.

David was learning to rely on God for his strength and wisdom. He learned throughout his life that even when he disobeys and takes things into his own hands or just plain messes up God turn around his mistakes and make them into something good.

With school starting in a week and having a teething fussy 9month old. I can truly say that the Lord keeps my lamp burning, sometimes burning at both ends! I mess up regularly (gasp yes honey I admit it!). It is comforting to know that even then God still cares and he has the power to fix my mistakes and turn them around into something marvelous. Even when I really mess up He is there and has the power to fix it. It is always so amazing to see how He works it out also!

Lord help me to only take on the things that you call me to. Please keep me strong and steady in Your work. Thank you for taking my mistakes and working your hand that they become something that you can use for your kingdom.

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