#b90days: day 43- I will sing of His love forever!

Scripture :
I will sing of the Lords great love forever ; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness know through all generations. Psalm 89:1

Observation :
Psalm 89 is a psalm of praise, something I think so often gets neglected and forgotten throughout our daily routine.

Application :
I can remember going to church as a child and sitting on the service hearing great testimonies from the generations before me. One lady always had a praise report to give. You could tell it was coming when she would stand up hanky in hand and begin to speak and praise God even if things were going wrong. This is something I see happening less and less. I think it is important that we revive this tradition and stand together in praise to the one that is in control! Sharing in eachothers joys and sorrows and praising Him jointly through it all. Lets leave a generational impact of praise! He is faithful through it all forever!

Prayer ;
Lord, I praise you no matter what is going on; in good times and in bad. I sing of your great love and proclaim your faithfulness!

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