#B90days: Day 45 – Shut my Mouth!

First off, Hurray! We are half way through. I’m am proud of my accomplishment and inspired by those who are taking this journey. God has truly blessed me through His word and I am looking forward to hearing what He has for me in the rest. I have developed a true discipline for being in His company daily. I hasn’t always been easy but I has now become habit. Congras to all those who have made it this far and encouragment for the ones who have fallen behind.

Set a guard over my mouth, Lord; Keep watch over the door of my lips. Psalm 141:3

Do you ever just want to delete what you are saying at the sametime that the words are comming out of your mouth? I do! I defenatly have the put foot in mouth desease and apparently so did David. He was asking God to guard his mouth and watch over his lips. In other words he was saying help me to keep my mouth shut and when it is open help me to speak only your words.

Well hum.. I think this is pretty self explanitory. Ask God to watch over your words and help you to keep your mouth shut when appropriate. The old saying “if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all” still applies even when we are grown up. Sometimes we are trying to be nice and offer advice from experience. However, we must be sure that we are not being offensive or overbearing during this process. We must also make sure that the advice was indeed needed. that’s not to say that we should sit by and not say anything or speak up when the time is right. Instead it is saying that we must prayerfully consider and seek God’s guidance. He has given us the holy spirit to guide and direct us we just have to be quiet enough to listen.

Lord, you know I am the world’s worst at this task. Help me to seek your leading and speak your words to others. Help me bridal my tongue! watch over my mouth and keep a door over my lips.

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