#Homeschool The Time Has Come!

This week in our homeschool:
The time has come! Our summer break is officaly over. We start school on Monday. I have mixed feeling about this. We are ready to begin this new year, however, I am experienceing the emotions of a mother who now has a kindergartener. I am just thankful that I don’t have to shove her off on a bus every morning but that we get to go to “class” around our dining room table!

We had our “not” back to school party this week. We took our school year photos, created our passports to journal our social studies advetures, made some class room decorations and started our portoflios for the upcoming year. It is always fun to look back through the porfolios at the end of the year and see how much the kids have grown mentaly, physically, emotionally and most important spiritually!

Things I’m working on:
I finished planning the school year and feel like I’m on top of all the preperations. So I had some time to work on some sewing projects for some upcoming babies of friends. I completed ten sets of bibs/birp rags and got them sent off. One of the babies beat them here though, little Macy was born early but is doing well and at home safe and sound with her mama! I have also been keeping up on my Bible in 90 days reading and am proud to be half way through and caught up! I have also started planning for the upcoming Caravan year. I am teaching 1st &2nd graders in a christian scouting program that the church hosts called Caravans. I am praying fo the children who will attend, most of them do not have a church home.
My favorite thing this week:
We live on gravel so it is hard for the girls to get real bike riding time in so we took them to the church parking lot several times this week and they had a great time! I is so nice to see them being successful and having fun.

4 thoughts on “#Homeschool The Time Has Come!

  1. When I lived in an apartment when my oldest was 6 I took him to an old grocery store parking lot and he would ride for hours, all that space and nothing but the wind in your hair. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. No problem! I love the blog hops and reading what others are doing in their homeschooling. Idea sharing and as you well know it gets a little lonely for homeschool moms, it gives me a connection to the outside world.

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