This Week In Our Homeschool

This week in our homeschool:
We have had a pretty laid back week here. We finished our summer lessons and I have completed organizing the upcoming year. We are using ABeka K4 and K5 curriculum this year. Audrey will be in Kindergarten and Alyssa pre-school. I can’t believe we will be starting in 9 days!

Things were doing :
We use a reward system where the girls earn a sticker for their chart eveytime they do their best during class time. After they fill up their chart we take them on a fun outing. Well tonight is the night! The girls have earned a trip to Kiddieland a small amusement park near us. I am so proud of them and their hard work.

What I’m reading:
I am currently on day 40 of the Bible in 90 days challenge! That means I am 42% of the way through reading the Bible from cover to cover. I have gained so much from this experience and hope God continues to bless and enrich my life throughout His word.

New discoveries :
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