#Homeschool: It’s spider week!

This week in our lives…
We have had some major wind this week and between it and our house being old, we lost power Wednesday and didn’t get it back again until Thursday afternoon. It was a little chilly in the house and I was wishing we had a wood stove. Other than that a good week!

Before we lost power on Wednesday I was able to make and can 10 qts. of homemade applesauce. Yum Yum!

The older two girls and I are going to see a musical tonight (Willy Wonka). This will kick off a week of fun Neewollah (Halloween spelled backwards) activities! This is an annual celebration held in my town that offers fun for all ages. check it out at www.neewollah.com

In our Homeschool this week…
It has been spider week!  In addition to our normal school work our unit study this week has been about spiders. We learned all about spiders, what they eat, where they live, their parts, etc.. You name it we talked about it! Spider fact of the day: Did you know that the only place spider do not live is Antarctica! We had two spider crafts this week. We made a web out of cooked spaghetti and we made itsy-bitsy spiders!

Things I’m thankful for this week…
My health is continuing to improve!
My husband and his ability to find the electrical problem and the quick response of the electrical company we finally found to get it fixed!
My day off even though it was because we didn’t have power!
Have a great week everyone and stay safe!
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