Want a Better spouse? Start here!

So if you know me at all you know that reading is not my favorite past time. So that makes this post even more meaningful because I’m reviewing a book (yes, you read that write a book!).

A few months ago while reading the weekly wrap ups on a homeschool blog I stumbled across the idea of writing “ love” notes back and forth to your spouse. I thought that this would be a great idea since my husband works full time outside the home and I work full time inside the home then we converge together for an evening of chaos and before you know it has been weeks without real heart to heart conversation.

The day after reading that post I read a tweet about a book coming out entitled “31 Days to Build a Better Spouse”. So intrigued I re-tweeted and received my copy.

This brings me to today. I enjoyed reading this book and implementing its philosophy and am feeling lead to share with you all how it has impacted my thinking!

Before I begin here are the title, author and website where you can find the book!
“31 Days to Build a Better Spouse” by: Ashley Pichea

“Building a better spouse isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work and a lot of faith. And, honestly you can’t do it”
So why bother? Well that’s where God steps in.

First I had to learn that building a better spouse may have been talking about building a better me! It is so easy to stand back and nit pick your spouse without seeing the flaws in your own character! Maybe I needed to change my heart attitude not my spouse. This book is all about giving them over to God and working on your outlook toward them. This is where I implemented the “love notes”. Whether you choose to share the notes or just keep them private in a journal I strongly encourage you to starting spending time each day praying for your spouse and meditating on their positive qualities.

So what should I pray about? Well luckily Ashley has already put in the hard work of lining this out for us in her book. Each day she gives a verse and a prayer to meditate on. Topics include things like salvation, choices, integrity, attitude, respect and 26 more! I encourage all of you to take this challenge and not only pray for these things in general, but be specific (this is also where the journal helped). Also let them know that you stand beside them and are lifting them up daily in prayer.

It is never too late or too early to pray for your spouse! This book would make a great wedding gift or maybe even give it as a 50th anniversary gift. I have also thought that young teenage girls should read it and focus on the qualities that they would like to have in a future spouse and start praying for that person now!

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