# Homeschool Weekly Wrap-Up: 11-11-11

This week in my life…
Not as crazy busy as last week. For the most part we have been kind of relaxed and back to the routine from all the birthday’s in the last month. I did have my state child-care audit yesterday. I’m not extremely thrilled with the outcome, but all in all I’m glad it’s over and won’t happen again for another year. Now the to-do-list begins. My loving and wonderful husband (yes I’m sucking up!) has two projects that have resulted from my survey. One is to invent some kind of contraption to keep kids (preschoolers and below) from being able to light the grill on our deck. They currently can’t by the way but she was not satisfied with the current situation. The second is a larger project that consists of putting ground cover all the way around the swing set he built in the spring. Apparently it is safer to fall on pea gravel (we have chosen to go with mulch however) then grass. Makes no sense to me but I’m doing my best to jump quietly through the hoops!

In our Homeschool this week…
We had a fun and productive week. We have completed all our regular assignments and had time to squeeze two craft days in. We Also had a unit study on Thanksgiving that we will finish next week before our fall break begins! Our large craft for the week was making Thanksgiving day shirts. We traced our hand on fine sandpaper and colored it to resemble a turkey with non-washable crayons. We then used it as an iron-on transfer to create super cute sweat shirts! Then the left over from that craft was to cute to just throw away so we made poster of things we were thankful for.

Things that are not working…
We are having trouble with counting. Does anyone have unique ways of teaching # families and recognition?

I hope you all have a blessed week. Thanks for reading!
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