#Homeschool Weekly Wrap-up 11-18-11

This week in our lives….

My husband was gone on a business trip most of the week which left me single handed. I am thankful for his return and to have a partner in crime again!!! Three against one made it a tough week. We keep to our normal schedule as much as possible and I’m thankful for my mom helping out watching the baby while I ran the older girls around.

I finished my Hebrews 11 study with my “Wisdom of the Word” group and we celebrated with a nice fall party. I enjoy so much the Christian fellowship that the group brings into my life. It is also nice to chat with people who are over 5 yrs. old!!!!!! Now we are studying 1-3 John.

Last night my church hosted the 2nd annual “Evening of Hope”. We gave out food boxes, clothes, Christian books, medical screenings and family portraits to families in need from our community. I always leave with a sense of joy, compassion and renewed thanks for the things we are able to have. It gets me in the holiday season mood and mode!!! My girls (4&5) even got in on the action and I am so proud of them for their sacrifice of time and attitude of servant hood.

Another joy from the week is that the baby (1) took a few steps! She is growing so fast and I am so over joyed to be able to stay at home with my children. To see their personalities bloom and foster their curiosity.

In our schooling this week…

We pretty much stayed to the nitty-gritty. We are just doing the basics trying to stay on task so we are able to take next week off as our fall break.

 Audrey has started reading and comprehending. She read a sentence with “mom” in it and my heart leapt for joy to hear my daughter read “my name”.

Math is going better this week for both girls which makes it a little easier. I’m not sure what we did differently but it clicked.

Other  happenings….

Please pray for my dear friend. She became ill and went to the emergency room where they discovered a large kidney stone. She went into surgery to remove it but they found a large infection. The next day her condition worsened and she now has a blood infection and two blood clots. They life flighted her to a larger hospital and she is doing a little better. Please pray for her, her family, and her medical team.

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