#Proverbs – Chapter 14:What Do You Believe?

The simple believe anything, But the prudent give thought to their steps.

Be careful what you believe and test it against God’s word.

How do your know if it is God calling or something else? Well, start by giving it thought and not just from your own testing but sift it through God’s word. If it doesn’t fall in line with His word it probably isn’t Him.

Stand up and believe in God and His calling. Christians are always being called hypocritical because we have become so watered down and wish-washy. Stand firm and follow your beliefs.

If you don’t give thoughts to your steps how do you know where they are taking you. Don’t just go along with the crowd. Stick out and don’t be foolish. Stand up for what you believe. Be confident in what you believe by studying it and owning it. Know what you believe and why!

Thank you Lord for your word that guides and directs us. Help me to seek you and stand up to the wrongs of the world. Help me to follow your commands and give thought to my steps.

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