#Advent :12-2-11 Matthew 1&2

Day 2

Read Matthew 1-2 to your family or enjoy some quiet reading with yourself and God.

Today’s reading is all about Christ humbling himself and coming to earth in the flesh as our saving grace. There was truly a glorious symphony surrounding this occasion. From fact that his birth line was traced all the way back to Abraham (42 generations total) so that God’s covenant was fulfilled. To the pure obedience of His mother and earthly father. Even the place of His birth holds great significance and fulfills prophecy. Each step that was made brought together the puzzle that had been missing pieces for generations before. Just one disobedient heart or unwilling spirit would have changed history. This beautifully orchestrated story would not have been the same. All of this paints a clear picture of who Christ was and still is today. He is Jesus and He saved us from our sins. He is Emmanuel, God with us.

I am so grateful that at each stage of the plan there was obedience and God’s guidance. As we ready ourselves for the celebration of his first coming let us not forget another promise that was made. He promised at his ascension that he would return and this time take us to the place he was going to prepare, our new heavenly home. Let’s use this Advent time to ready hearts for His return and not forget the real story and magic of Christmas.

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