Coming (very soon) in 2012: Daily Steps for God Chicks!

For Christmas this year I received a devotional book from a dear friend and mentor of mine. I happened to be searching at the time for my next devotional, seeing that I had just finished Proverbs and was nearing the end of the Advent season. After pre-reading several days and being touched by the introduction I have chosen her gift devotional as my next endeavor.

The book is:

Daily Steps for God Chicks (The 90-Day Devotional for Real Women) written by Holly Wagner.

Check out her website at

You can also purchase the book via just checked and it is on-sale for $10.19)

Following is an excerpt from the Introduction to peak your interest!

“Honestly, this year has been the most challenging one in my life. I have had to remind myself about a thousand times that what won’t kill me will make me stronger! Maybe you have had a year like that…or a month like that… or even a day like that! There were so many days during the past few months when I truly came to the end of myself… when my strength vanished and I had to reach for the much greater strength of my God. Not such a bad thing to do, really!”

I can truly relate to the above statement. This year, though filled with many blessings has also been filled with its ups and downs mentally, physically, emotionally and yes even spiritually. But through it all I can stand and testify to God’s strength, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, power and most of all His companionship! His has lifted me up and stayed by my side even when I strayed from His. I need to be more purposeful in running to His strength and not solely relying on mine. That is what this last year has taught me.

The “Daily Steps for God Chicks is a 90 day devotional to help develop a habit of spending quiet one-on-one time with God or revive your current quiet time. Each day starts with scripture followed by a short devotional, then a daily challenge. This is my favorite format. Daily Challenges = learning and application = habit!

So take some time and prayerfully consider joining me on this journey. Commit with me for the next 90 days to seeking God daily through his Word and putting it to use in your daily living. See you in 2012!

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