#GodChicks Day 18: Super Woman!


Proverbs 31:25&26

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.


God gives us all the beauty that we need through strength and dignity. He helps us face to coming days with joy and not worry. He gives us wisdom and helps us manage our tongues.


The proverb 31 woman is the ultimate women! She is myKatherine Hepburn or Grace Kelly. The admired movie star of proverbs 31.  The beautiful, graceful, loving wife and mother. She gives godly wisdom with gentleness and kindness. The woman we all fantasize and daydream about becoming but have it in our heads that it isn’t really possible. Super Woman!

Then eeeerrrrkkkk…… God tells me that I should not just admire her, but I was made to be her. (And so were all women)  She is the woman we all should inspire to be and through God we have the ability to be. She is not just some made up character in a play or movie. She is real and so are we!

The author of today’s study has the view that we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves and that we should embrace the things we are instead of the things we “should be”. I agree to disagree. If we never set higher goals then we are currently meeting, then we never grow. And plants that don’t grow are no use to God. Instead we should prune ourselves and strive to bloom again! I’m not saying beat ourselves up and focus on the negative. We all have special God given abilities, but don’t take it as a cop-out that we just can’t do everything else. I’m saying don’t be happy as a dormant women!!!!! The power of change can also only come from God! Rely on him and his convictions in your life.

Daily Step:

Read Proverbs 2&3. Write down any verses that will help you grow in wisdom today.


Lord, thank you for giving us Proverb 31 woman as a role model. Help me to not just settle with who I currently am but to strive for who you intended me to become! Help me to rely on you for direction and convictions not the world around me. Help me to see the true beauty that only comes from within and is not skin deep. Amen

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