#GodChicks Day 6: Love Letter


2 Timothy 3:16-17

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.


Every part of Scripture is from God, you can’t pick and choose, and you can’t add or take away. It is all useful in some way or another. Whether showing us truth, exposing our rebellion, correction our mistakes, or training us to live in His ways. Through His word he puts us together and shapes us for the tasks he has planned for our lives.


As I was driving yesterday I was listening to an audio sermon from Chip Ingram.  He was speaking about digging into God’s word. He used an example of a love letter. It went something like this:

Imagine you receive a letter in the mail. The return address is from someone that you care deeply about and that you know loves you greatly. You then have a choice to make. Do you rip it open like a present on Christmas day or do you put it aside on a shelf and forget about it? Well most of us would rip it open immediately to find out what this person, who we love and loves us, has to say to us. But most of us don’t rip open the Bible, which is that love letter!

Wow I have never heard of it described that way; but it is 100% true! Earlier this week I was trying to teach 1st and 2ndgraders the importance of the Bible. I wish that I had heard that analogy earlier along with the following passage from “Daily Steps for God Chicks”. It would have helped me make the importance much clearer!

“The interesting thing about the Bible is that while most of it contains stories about other people and other events, it is all very personal. Too many people, perhaps, keep their Bible on a shelf and never open it to allow God to speak. His word is His voice. He longs for you and me to open it and become familiar with His voice. My time with God always involves reading His word. As I read the Bible, it is almost as if God is inviting me into His very big world and opening up the possibility that His world can become my own. It is not a question of how much I read, but rather how I let His word shape my day. Some days I read quite a few chapters, while other days it is just a few verses. God will probably not speak to you in an audible voice or use skywriting or a message in a bottle to give you direction. He will speak to you through His word. His word is your map for living. It is your GPS!”

Daily Step:

Today, begin a Bible reading plan. Read a portion of God’s Word and let it speak to you.


Lord, help me to allow you to speak to me by reading your word daily. Help me to use your word as a lamp unto my feet, guiding my steps and pointing me in your direction.


(Italicized portion from “Daily Steps for God Chicks” by Holly Wagner)

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