#Homeschool Weekly Wrap-Up: Now Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming!

In Our Homeschool This Week…

We are back in full (busy) swing! Break is over and extra activities have resumed so now were back to our regular hectic schedule.  We have kind of just let things get settled this week. Normal lesson nothing big or too exciting. We did however, get snow! Not much just a light dusting that disappeared by mid-morning, but to the girls’ snow is snow!!!! (Those of you who didn’t read last week, we had a unit study on “The Snowy Day” in 70° weather)

A Question…

I was looking ahead to our next year school material and was thinking of a switch. We currently use ABeka K4 and K5. I like the material but would like something a little more “Homeschool” written. Much of ABeka is centered on classroom (i.e. More than one student) lessons. I was looking at Horizons from Alpha Omega Publishing. Does anyone use Horizons for K or 1st? If so what is your opinion?


What I’m Reading…

“Daily Steps for God Chicks” by Holly Wagner


I have started (again) reading/praying “31 Days to Build a Better Spouse” by Ashley Pichea (Raising Jenny) www.31daystopray.com/31DBBS

Movies Seen…

Last Sunday night we went to a showing of the movie “Courageous” at our church. WOW!!!!! A great must-see movie! It reinforced the need to have a father led, Christ centered home. Out of this movie our church has launched the “Letters from Dad” campaign and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds. (My husband is participating!) You may view the movie trailer at the link below.

8 thoughts on “#Homeschool Weekly Wrap-Up: Now Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming!

  1. Our weather has been in the 70s this week. Last week it was 82′ one day. This is winter? Really? Though no matter what happens we won’t be getting snow. Not in Southern California. So enjoy the little snow you get for us too.

  2. Well in Kansas it is rare that we have gone this long without snow or even cold weather. But I think our luck is changing, it has been cold all week. I have a friend who moved from California and she hates Kansas winter!! haha

  3. I’ll share our snow…and we only have about 6 inches! (I’m in Maine and usually we have snow up to the window sills by now.) I’ll share some of our FRIGID temperatures too! It’s supposed to get down to -5 or so night! 😉 I’ll take some 70s…or 30s! LOL

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