Blessed Beyond Measure!!!!!

In our lives this week…

Blessed beyond measure sums it up! We took most of the week off from our official lessons and just relaxed. My middle daughter had an appointment in Kansas City at a urology specialist yesterday, so hubby and I took her up there while my mom took the other two girls on a fun field trip to Woolarac.

The appointment went really well and we finally have some answers to this 2+ year battle. Number one there is something causing the issues and Number two it is completely fixable without surgery!!!! Just some diet and medication changes and we should be good to go! (Literally ha-ha).

Upside of being at a children’s hospital is that they have childrens activities!!!
(Alyssa playing on the giant piano)

After spending the day at a children’s hospital we feel so very blessed to have the resources and knowledge that the facility offers. We also can’t help but have a broken heart being confronted with the very real struggles that those we encountered face. We were immediately taken back and thankful that even though we are facing a struggle of our own it is minuet in comparison to what some families are facing. We met a family who is facing the reality that their 8 month old son has a brain disorder and the challenges that they will overcome through his life. They had a positive upbeat attitude and are relying on the Great Physician to guide them through the processes. They are a homeschool family also so we connected and encouraged each other through the day. It is so amazing that I walked away from the conversation so uplifted when they are facing a situation so greatly harder than ours. It was a real heart check for me. Please join me in praying for their family and little Josiah. Also a true testament to the impact of charities, they are staying at the Ronald McDonald house (a charity that I wasn’t familiar with except that it existed). They are provided with housing and simple meals during their stay at the hospital through this program and it allows them to be able to be at their child’s side round the clock. That is something that is a true blessing to many families especially those on very limited incomes.


Other things happening with us…

Our chicken flock is complete!!!!! We have all six little gals now. The two yellow are Buff Orphingtons. The two black and yellows are Silver Laced Wyandotes. The two black and gray puffy faced are Americanas. We have a few more preparations to complete the outdoor dwelling (Chicken Tractor) but it is almost finished. It is funny to see the differences in appearance that two weeks makes. The yellow were such cute little puff balls but are now looking straggly since they are entering the awkward puberty stage ha-ha.


As part of the diet changes that we have to make for my middle girly, we have to go dye free with food and drinks. As much as possible we have to eliminate and limit artificial dyes. Is this something that any of you have experience with? I went to make lunch today and everything has artificial dyes. Are there any good items you all would recommend? Juices, candies, food, anything??????

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  1. Oh, how wonderful that you now have the answers for your little girl! I can’t say as I know a lot about limiting dyes, but I have tried real hard with my youngest who has a neurological condition (that may or may not be improved with a no artifical/dye diet). Dye is in foods that you would never suspect! And I’ve found that making food from scratch and eating more “simple foods” (like fruits, veggies, non-packages) makes managing ingredients easily. It takes time! I would recommend keeping a small Memo notebook of brands and foods that you find appropriate as it makes it easier to shop later on.

    • I do make much of what we eat from scratch and we raise our own meats so we have a head start there. But I just get frustrated. Went to mke tuna sandwiches yesterday and everything I usually add to the tuna had dye. Mustard relish etc… the hardest thing is the drinks. She can only have 2dairy servings a day, no.caffeine, no carbonation, no citrus juices, no dyes. Pretty much just leaves water and thats not fun for a four year old. Also with Easter around the corner it cuts out most candy.

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