Weekly Homeschool Wrap-up: 6 weeks left!

I hope you all have had a great week and thanks for stopping by!

This week in our homeschool…

We are down to six weeks left of our lessons before we start summer school (review work). We are defiantly on the home stretch! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. We are switching curriculum next year from Abeka to Horizons by Alpha Omega Publishing. I am so excited to make the switch. I liked Abeka but it wasn’t meeting the needs of my children. There was too much busy work and not enough hands on. It was also hard to adapt to the 1-1 ratio. Horizons did that part for me!

We had a good week. We moved the last of the baby chicks to their permanent yet mobile home. I’m loving the “chicken tractor” idea. When they eat the grass down we just move it to another spot. It was so funny to watch them walk on the grass for the first time. They also found a love for dandelion seeds which is good because our yard is full of them. At first we had them farther away from the house but have since moved them closer due to a predator. On Wednesday night I came out of the house and saw a hawk sitting by the cage which is completely covered in chicken wire so I didn’t worry much about it. I scared it off but noticed blood around the cage. Upon closer inspection it had reached one of the chicks and cut it up pretty good. We brought the injured chick in and are attempting to nurse it back to health. It has three pretty good gashes on it but is eating, drinking and moving around fine. We are keeping it clean and applying Neosporin 3x a day. We will keep it inside again until it heals.

Other happenings this week…

We had a fantastic Easter celebration and enjoyed much time visiting with family and friends. We took our annual Easter picture with the statues in the park. It is so fun to see the differences in our children and family from year to year. This is a tradition that I have been doing since I was their age so you can imagine the changes!

Easter 2011…
Easter 2012…

Last night we had a Passover meal (better late than never right!) and enjoyed teaching and reviewing how Christ has fulfilled each step and how we look forward to his second coming. I love this time and feel like I gain something new and fresh each year. It is also a time when my heart aches for those who don’t live with the hope and peace that come from the true and ultimate sacrificial lamb, Christ.  Thank you God for your saving and sufficient grace!!


I have also been striving to write something on my blog daily. In order to help me with this have made myself a schedule.  Here it is:            Monday – Praise day

                                                                                    Tuesday – Recipe of the Week

                                                                                    Wednesday – Things I Ponder

                                                                                    Thursday – misc.

                                                                                    Friday – Weekly Homeschool Wrap-up

                                                                                    Weekends – Things that Inspire me

Feel free to drop in and link up on these theme days. I always welcome feedback and comments. I feel like we can draw off of each other and our individuality!

One thought on “Weekly Homeschool Wrap-up: 6 weeks left!

  1. I agree with you about Passover/Easter. . .each year I come away from this time of celebration so full, so thankful for the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus . . .the ways in which the Old Testament points us to Him is overwhelming!

    I like your idea of writing something each day on your blog!
    Take care.

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