Homeschool Wrap-up: School’s Out For Summer!!!!

In Our Homeschool This Week…

School’s out for summer!!!!!! ok, so we kinda school all year but we have finished our required 186 days! Now we are moving to a more relaxed schedule maybe only two days a week and mostly games. Summer school is my attempt at not having to re-teach half a year of school next fall. I know at this age it is a use-it or lose-it mind set for my little ones. I would rather have them use-it!
It is also nice to look back at our portfolios and see how far we have come! I love this time of year. I am so proud of my girls and all the hard work they have put in. I am so glad that we choose homeschooling, I get a front row seat to watch them grow and develop into responsible young girls!

First Day Of The School Year!
Fall 2011

Last Day Of The School Year!
Spring 2012

Other Events In Our Week…
Audrey had her first T-ball practice this week. She was so excited and did very well. Her first game is next week. Daddy has practiced with her all week and she is ready to go!

We had our last dance night of the season and are done until fall. The girls have had so much fun and learned so much. I was watching the recital videos from last year and it is amazing at how they have both grown, changed and improved. I am so excited to see them at their recital this year! to bad I have to wait another week. haha
Last but not least (I somehow always forget the baby) Ashlee is getting her four canine teeth all at once. Makes for a cranky baby! All in all she is handling it fairly well as long as she gets her way, oh wait maybe that isn’t her teeth, maybe that is just how she operates at one and a half! haha But she is growing and developing quite the personality. It is so funny to see a little of both my older girls in her. She truly is a combination of my girls and I love every bit of her!!!!
In My Life This Week…
I have finished the second week of the Proverbs 31 study “One Virtue at a Time”. I am feeling so very blessed, encouraged and yes convicted through this study of God’s word. I love it!!!!!
We received our farm registration back, meaning we are officially Triple-A-Farm! (Triple A stands for Audrey, Alyssa & Ashlee)
We have used pre-school-activities-in-a-bag before and love them! Have any of you used Reading-in-a-bag or Math-in-a-bag before?
I am looking for ideas for the older girls busy bags. The ones we have and the ideas i have found on-line are for pre-school and toddlers. I need something for older kids. Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Homeschool Wrap-up: School’s Out For Summer!!!!

  1. It is wonderful how you have the beginning and end of the school year photos! It is amazing to see how much they have grown. We are going to do a light schedule over the summer, as well. I always like having the extra hours/days logged in, so if the opportunity presents itself to get away for a couple of days, we can do so and not worry about “missing” any time. 🙂 I also am doing the Proverbs 31 study. It already has been such a blessing. I’m not sure what your girls’ interests are, but for their busy bags, perhaps you could include some math manipulatives, matching games (which could be for anything– sight words, animal names with their pictures, etc.) I hope you have a blessed weekend!

    • I have started putting some together that are math and reading related. I have a bunch toddler/pre-school age but they have out grown them. What Proverbs 31 group are you in? I am leading a sidecar off of confessions of a homeschooler. I am loving the study!

  2. Bring on summer! We also continue to do some light work in the summer. (I call it our summer studies.) Usually some work that needs some “shoring up” and some fun together work such as a unit study. We only spend about 45 minutes a day 3-4 days a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the weather. (We’ve had a lot of rain lately…LOL)

    Busy bags? Well, for my youngest son who is 7 I include a mini chalkboard with chalk and eraser in a Ziplock baggie, the game Perfection, a tangram puzzle book (with a plastic sleeve that holds the pieces), a small notebook and 8 pack of crayons or colored pencils, a few Matchbox cars (that are only used when we take the Busy Bag somewhere), Bubbles (for it we’re outside), snacks, and a couple books. Sometimes we include a Traffic Jam, a puzzle game, a tub of Play-Doh, mini puzzles, Magnetix, and a few bouncy balls.

    For girls…what about paper dolls? small, inexpensive craft kids such as beads or pot holders?

    • Great ideas! Thanks. We are heading to alot of ball practices/games and other outings and I thought it would help. I have some made for toddler/pre-school age but my girls have outgrown them and they need updated.

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