Monday Praise Day: One Virtue at a time!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I was blessed to spend the day with my loving and supportive family. It was great to have time with my mom and daughters (my dad and hubby tagged along too!). We went to the park and played and just spent time together. We ended the evening around a fire cooking hot dogs and just enjoying each others company.
My husband spoiled me with something I have secretly wanted for awhile, OK maybe not so secretly since I apparently let out enough hints that he go it for me! ha ha

Yes, I got a Keurig!
And a lot of loves!!!!

Other News…

Today is the first day of the new on-line bible study that I have joined in on. Several months ago God laid Proverbs 31 on my heart while I was looking for someone that I admired/Identified with from the Bible.
(You can read that post here: )
Then I was just admiring her, but through this new study I will equip myself (more like God will equip me) with the tools to become more like her!

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting: but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
Proverbs 31:30

I started the day off on the right foot! After getting up and taking care of the immediate chores that needed attention I found MADE time for God!!!! This is a little off my routine. I usually wait until nap time after I have tried to do the whole morning on my own and usually failed at it. I grabbed my “tool belt”, a blanket, found a peaceful spot outside away from distractions and dug in before the kids woke up! I was so inspired by God’s word and his creation that I just soaked it up and feel refreshed and jump started!!!
My “Tool Belt”
My View – It was so refreshing to hear the birds and soak up the morning sun!

Notes on what I heard from God….

  • Proverbs 31 Women are rare but do exist! It is only by God’s grace and getting out of His way that it is possible to become one! I will allow this to happen!!!!!
  • To become a Proverbs 31 Women you must allow God to cultivate qualities within you including; Sacrifice, Discipline, Diligence and Self-Control!
  • Allow God to get your priorities in order.
  • I need to allow God to convict me of areas that I can do better to please Him.
  • It takes a lifetime to become a noble/virtuous women! So why not start today!!!
  • Fix your eyes on Him! Fear God – Hebrews 12:1-3
  • Do not grow weary or lose heart – we are works in progress and God will reward us with his grace.
  • He will give us the strength and the joy.
  • Work through the “Training” One Virtue at a Time! We don’t decide to run a marathon and do it the same day. We have to train bit by bit and work into it. 
  • It is only possible and obtainable if I allow “More of you Lord, and less of me”!!!!!!
Lord, Help me to be a role model for my children. Help me to teach them and train them to be your servants. I dedicate them to you! Help me to model the “virtuous woman” to my daughters and teach any future sons to look for those qualities in a wife. Help me be an example of your love. Guide and direct my path in this journey that I may allow you to mold me into what/who you intended for me to become. Thank you for sending me the resources to grow closer to you. Thank you for giving me strength and joy! I rely on you to train me as you reveal “One Virtue at a Time” May I become More of You and less of Me! Amen
If you are interested in joining in this study with me here is some info:

Good Morning Girls –
Women Living Well –

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