New Homeschool Chairs

 A few months ago my mom and dad were cleaning out their basement due to a flood. They came upon three wooden school desk and dad was going to just burn them since they had gotten wet. A light bulb went off in my head and I had a vision of an outdoor school area on our deck. Since the chairs had already gotten wet I wouldn’t be ruining them and it wouldn’t hurt them to sit outside. So after working on them today my vision is complete!!!!

It was a fairly cheap project and the girls enjoyed helping !
Chalk board paint $10.97
Colored paint $5 a piece
Brushes $4
Cool chairs under $30!!!!!!
Alyssa choose purple!
Audrey choose pink!

Finished Project!

I painted their names on the back with the other colors!
I used black chalkboard paint for the table tops for added outdoor fun!
Audrey could hardly wait for hers to dry before she tried it out!

2 thoughts on “New Homeschool Chairs

  1. Ok so I learned a lesson about chalkboard paint after last nights storms. It will not stand up to severe weather when painted on laminate surfaces. I had to repair the tabletops and have moved them under our covered porch. Heres hoping they work out!

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