Four Fabulous 4th of July Crafts & Decorations!

Fourth of July is an exciting time here at the Hoggatt house. My husband is an absolute fireworks fanatic!!!  Our garage is so full of fireworks that it almost looks like we are operating a black market for fireworks and that is before we have even purchased this years “supply”. The local fireworks stands open today and you can bet we will be making our first trip this evening.

This year hubby is working for “Jake’s Fireworks” again. This will be his third year helping out selling “World Class Fireworks”. They are great people to work for and he enjoys it! He is also working on designing and building an electronic firing panel for his “show” this year. Last year was the first time he attempted a larger show for our family that was set to music. It went well only he had some firing difficulties, not this year it will be all electronic.
Well now that you have some history behind this obsession, you will understand why this post is being written. And why I try to get the kids excited and involved.

Four Fabulous 4th of July Crafts & Decorations

Floating Fireworks –


Pipe Cleaners

Fishing Line

Cut pipe cleaners into 3 inch sections.

Bunch together and use one to twist around middle.
Fan out and tie about a foot of fishing line from the middle.
Hang from ceiling.

Firecracker Center Pieces –



Assorted scrapbook paper or cardboard tubes (i.e. toilet paper/paper towel tubes)

Green Pipe Cleaners


Cut a circle out of cardboard (I used the side of a diaper box) and paint. This will be your base.

Roll paper into cylinders if you want firecrackers or cones if you want fountains or both.
If you are using cardboard tubes paint and decorate them as you wish.

Cut the green pipe cleaner into sections. These will represent the fuses. Then tape to the inside top of tubes/cones.

Glue finished firework onto cardboard circle and let dry.

Firework Placemats –


Black Poster board

Assorted Glitter


Lace Doilies

Clear Contact Paper or Laminator

Cut poster board in half so that you have two fat rectangle pieces.

Mix Glue with a few drops of water to thin. Then add glitter of choice.

Lay lace doily onto poster board and paint glue mixture over the top.

Remove doily leaving a glitter negative. You could also free hand other firework shapes.

Let dry completely and glue will dry clear leaving only glitter.
Cover with contact paper for durability.

Patriotic Jewelry –


Red, White & Blue Pony Beads

Read, White & Blue Crochet Thread

Braid thread or lace with beads. Tie and Wear!

Here are two more links full of fun 4th ideas! Including color by # flag, graphing etc…

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