Good Ol’ MESSY Fun!

Today we had some good ol’ clean MESSY fun!

I usually try to limit my homeschool post to Friday’s but today’s project was to good to wait!
Once again Pintest cam through for me. I had found a post about making sidewalk paint and tweaked it a tad (not necessarily on purpose but it still worked haha).  First off here is the link to the sidewalk paint post from Pink and Green Mama.
It is very simple you take cornstarch, add enough water to make it pasty, then add food coloring and Walla! I mixed mine a little to thick but and it turned into more of a goopy paste then a painty paste. But I think I might like it better that way. I think that cornstarch and water mixtures are fascinating anyway. It is a solid and a liquid. We actually were able to make balls out of it but when it hit the concrete it turned back to liquid. Super Fun!! Then when your done just simply rinse off the mess with a garden hose.
Here are some pictures of our fun!

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