Happy Father’s Day – Craft Time!

So as promised in Friday’s post I will share our Father’s Day craft ideas. I found these Four on Pintrest yet again. I am so glad they made a site for me to save cool ideas that I usually forget by the time it comes around to making them. haha So without further adieu (drum roll implied)!

Craft idea #1

This is a very simple and inexpensive craft idea. I found the frame at the $ store for, you guessed it, $1. I used scrapbook paper that I already had. It is hard to see in the photo, but I printed “The Hoggatt’s est. 2006” across the top of the background paper and “Father’s Day 2012” across the bottom. After that it was as simple as tracing hands, cutting them out and gluing them on top of each other. I started with Donnie, then Me, Audrey, Alyssa and Ashlee! I was nice to have something that even daddy could be involved in. This will be a nice keepsake.

Craft idea #2
This is a spin off of #1. I snapped a quick photo and printed it out. Then I used word to print “Your the world’s best daddy hands down” in different fonts. Next I traced the child’s hand and cut it out while they colored on the background. Place the hand cut out Upside down on the page. (get it? Best Daddy HANDS DOWN!)

Craft idea #3
This one is similar the the first two only using thumb prints. Again I purchased the frame at the $ store and used paper I already had. I used a stamp pad that I had also purchased at the $ store for a previous project. (Can you see the theme, I love the $ store! haha) I printed the same text above and below on the background paper. I then used word and aligned the main text which says ” You + Me = Audrey Alyssa Ashlee”. You could also scan in the thumb prints if you want them perfectly in place but I like the authentic look a little better. We then took thumb prints. A tip is to place the thumb straight on then back off without the rolling so that you get a clearer print.
Craft idea #4
This craft takes a little more preparation. Here is the link to the original website/post where the printable can be found. Father’s Day ideas from kmckaydesigns It also has some golf themed crafts if your Daddy isn’t into fishing!
First gather supplies. You will need the printable from above link, manly scrapbook paper, hot glue, baby food jars, spray paint, assorted candies and a suitable box/basket.
The box was the most difficult to find. I finally settled on this one from, yes, you guessed it the $ store.
I had the girls color the labels so that they could be involved in the process a little more. Then I hot glued them to the basket/box.

Next I spray painted the baby food jar lids to cover up the writing. then hot glued the labels onto the lids and jars. After they were dry and cooled I let the girls fill them with the candy we had chosen over the weekend thanks to the Nifty Nut House in Wichita Ks! I used silver sixlets to look like sinkers, sweddish fish to look like lewers, peanut butter balls to look like dough balls, red dark chocolate covered almonds to look like lewers, I found some chocolates that looked like sea shells just to throw in, gummy worms of course and manly colored jelly bellies! You could also use goldfish crackers and there were many other gummy candies that were in the shape of centipedes, spiders, bugs, etc…
Candy Assortment
Finished Jar
Jar lids with labels
Lastly, place the jars into the basket and your done! Mine is not nearly as cute as the original but it serves it’s purpose nicely I think.
Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful daddy’s out there and Happy crafting to you!

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