Light Table My World!

Last year our local elementary school was moving to a new building in town and purging there un-needed materials from storage. I happened to have a teacher friend mention to me that they were getting rid of overhead projectors and giving them away. Right off I grabbed one, not yet knowing how I would use it. I then purchased some overheads from staples that you could print on with an ink printer. We used it a few times last school year mostly for shadow puppets, charts and boring school stuff.

I have wanted a light table for a loooonnnnggg time. But I was trying to keep things on a tight budget. I found plans on how to make one out of storage tubs from pintrest (Homemade Light Box Link) and was talking to my husband about helping me. He said “Why do you need to make one? You have an overhead!” Hello! What was I thinking? All along I had a hidden gem!!!! Then my husband’s work was purging stuff from an old office and came across six un-opened packages of printable overhead transparencies. They were going to throw them away when my knight in shining armor said “Wait my wife would want those!” He knows me so well because yes I did!!! So, let the fun begin!!!!!!

 Light Table Activity #1

I used word to create pattern blocks with varies shapes/colors then printed them out on the transparencies. I found FREE block pattern mats here and printed them off to help them get started creating!

Light Table Activity #2

I found glow-in-the-dark magnetic letters/numbers at the $ store. They are semi-transparent so the light shines through. Use them for spelling practice, sight word practice, math problems, etc…

Light Table Activity #3

Plain old drawing!!!! Turn something routine into something new and fresh! Use dry erase markers to write and draw on the light table. An added bonus to using an overhead is that it looks like your drawing on the walls and we know kids love to break rules! Ha-ha

Light Table Activity #4

Color mixing! I happen to already have these color paddles that I had purchased from Kaplan Early Learning Company. However, if I hadn’t I would have just printed large colored circles from word onto transparencies.

Light Table Activity #5

Glow-in-the-dark silly putty! Place a clear storage tote lid over light table and go!  Find the recipe here.

The possibilities are endless!

Now go have fun!!!!!!!

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