Work Smarter!


Proverbs 31:18

She sees that her trading is profitable, and her lamp does not go out at night.


She senses the worth of her work, is in no hurry to call it quits for the day. 


Many people get caught up in “time”. It is not when you work, how early you rise or how late you burn the oil. It is how you manage your time in between these hours and how serious you take you tasks.  Do you neglect the tasks that need to be done or miss manage your time. Or, Do you use every minute wisely, working diligently.  It is also not working to exhaustion so that your attitude reflects that. It is simply working smarter not necessarily harder! Making sure that the daily demands are met before you move on to “free” time.

This week I am learning all about rising early and burning the midnight oil. I have an extra child and extra responsibilities. (Today I have 7 children five and under which is why the late blog post)  My husband is away on business and we have ball games, meetings, etc… I am use to rising early and working later in the evenings but it is a completely different experience doing it 100% alone. It gives me an even greater appreciation for all that my husband does to help out. Even running to the store because you are out of milk is a HUGE feat. I spent the first part of the week battling a migraine with no reinforcements. I can’t imagine ever going it alone. I pray for the single parents out there that God will give them a double portion of His grace, mercy and love!


Lord, thank you for your love, mercy and grace. Thank you for my husband and the blessing he is to our family. Please be with him and bring him home safely. Lord, help me to see you in my tasks and to use my time in a way that is pleasing to you and profitable to my family’s needs. Be with those who need a little extra help and give them the energy and strength that can only come from you! Amen

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