Not Back To School Series: The Big Day!

The preparations have all been made and now it is the moment of truth! Not really, RELAX!!!! Our Not Back To School Day is all about fun and festivities!

I was not blogging actively last year so I don’t have much documentation on what we did last year. (to prevent this in the future I created this blog haha!) So I decided to mostly write about what I have planned for this year!!!

One thing I do remember besides the 1st day of school pictures is putting together their portfolios. These are notebooks that I keep all of their tests and important worksheets/projects in so that if ever need be I can “prove” we do school! haha I have them start by decorating them to match their distinct personalities. I also include a “all about me” sheet to chart their growth and favorite things. It is so funny to look back over past years and see how they have changed and developed from toddlers to little women!

2011-12 Portfolios
Our back to school falls close to the girls birthdays. We started a tradition when we moved into this house of charting their height on one of our door frames every birthday. Yes, this is one time when writing on the walls is encouraged! It is a symbol of how much they have grown not just physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually throughout each passing year. I know that it is just a wall but to me it is a moment in time that makes a lasting memory! 
We also have a party with special foods and decorations! Pintrest is full of cool ideas! I have started a board completely dedicated to back to school. You can find it here. But here are some sneak peak photos and the websites to find more details!
Free Printable Decorations!
I Love This Decor!
Treat Bag Tutorial!
And the winner of our 2012-13 Not Back To School Day Theme is……..
Complete with how-to’s and printables!

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