Not Back To School Series: The Countdown and Other Traditions!

Now that we got the business side of things taken care of in yesterday’s post. It is time for the fun stuff! Getting the kids excited for the upcoming year! In this part I am sharing some of our past traditions as well as some new ideas that we will try this year.

The Countdown and other back to school traditions!

Back To School Advent Style:

We usually start counting down a few weeks before the actual 1st day of school. We do this in the same style as an advent calendar. I wrap 10-12 small gifts for each child returning to “school” and number them accordingly. I usually also color code them for which child they belong to. Then they open one present each day until school starts. Remember to start with the highest number first, hence, counting down to school! Some things that I usually include are pencils, erasers, new crayons, markers, colored pencils. Fun stuff like new socks, lip gloss, etc… Whatever will get your child excited and ready for school at the same time!

Another countdown idea would to create a paper chain. Start with and exciting topper (like the “Back to School” crayon image above) then create linked chains to hang below it. Number the links and tear one off a day until you reach the 1st day of school!

Here is the one I created for the upcoming year!

The Back To School Fairy:

A tradition originally found here at Seasons Of Joy. The door bell rings the first day of school. (or before) When the kids answer it there are goodies left behind for them.

Photo From Seasons Of Joy. 

Count down with notes from the fairy! 

Back To School Survival Kit:
I found several good ideas for these! For more check my Back To School board on Pintrest!

There is also one on the Seasons of Joy link above!

I hope these ideas help you and your child prepare and get excited about the upcoming school year! For more fun ideas visit my Back To School board on Pintrest!

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