Not Back To School Series: The Shopping!!!!

For some this may be your favorite part! But, for others this may cause much stress!!!! I fall somewhere in the middle. haha Whatever the case I hope that some of these “tips” help out.

One thing that my girls feel they miss out on is the school supply list. We walk into our local market and there are the large bins of supply lists that tell you what your child “needs”. They always want a list for them to pick stuff from so I found this great printable. This will also help you even if you are not a homeschooler! It takes all the supplies and combines them to one handy list where you can “inventory” your current stock and adjust the quantity of each item you need to purchase.

When deciding what supplies to buy I think about what things I wish I would of had on hand the previous year. I also look at what we used frequently the past year. If there is something that wasn’t used much I know that it is probably not something we need to purchase again. I always try to stock up on the basics while they are on sale. Most of the time they will have pocket folders on sale for as little as 15 cents and you can’t beat a deal like that! Other cheap supplies to make sure to have in abundance are crayons (they break), markers (caps never get put on tight), erasers (to correct mistakes!), ruled paper, liquid glue, glue sticks, construction paper, etc… I also prowl for cool and unique items to “hide” for birthdays or rewards! While your at it don’t forget to also stock up your Back To School Fairy or count down items!

I always let the girls pick out is their portfolio notebooks which I will talk more about tomorrow, as well as, their daily assignment notebooks and folders that I wrote about in Part 1!

The Clothes:
You might have noticed under the printable link above that there is also a Back to School clothes shopping list!

We do major shopping two times a year, Once in the spring and once in the fall. Other than that we usually stay away from the clothing sections unless we need something very specific or have growth spurts. Both of which I also try to keep in mind during our major shopping sprees. Our shopping usually coincides with the “turning of the closet” for season changes. To save money we usually do most all our shopping at a local consignment sale which coincidentally falls in the spring and fall! I sell our out grown clothes, toys and kids miscellaneous as well as buy for our current and upcoming needs. I try to always break even so that what goes out also comes in. Any additional items we usually pick up shortly after that and wallah were done! One of the benefits that I have found with homeschooling is that my kids don’t feel pressured to keep up with the current fades and so they tend to be pretty content to stick with what they chose long term. (at least through the season!) This also allows them to develop their own unique (sometimes wild) styles! And sometimes it allows some funky PJ’s to do the trick! haha

Another trip we take when planning our back to school wardrobe is to the fabric store! Yes, that’s right the fabric store!!!! I know that many of you don’t sew but it is one of the things that I enjoy even if I’m not the best at it! I like to make the girls a special back to school outfit to take their 1st day of school photos in. Last year they chose a cute and colorful owl print and I made matching “pillowcase” dresses and school bags out of it.

Last years 1st day photo!

This year we are going with ruffles! I found a super cute capri pant outfit on pintrest and made my own version of it for the older girls. Then out of the left over fabric I made a ruffle dress. Here is a preview of the outfits!

To mark the date and school year we use some chalkboards I purchased from a school supply store. I have also seen some very cute frames decorated up with the school year on them to use as photo props. Then there is also the classic wooden blocks spelling out the grade. Whatever you choose get creative and have fun! If oyur running short on fun ideas google back to school photo ideas or search pintrest! Make it unique and meaningful because you are creating a snap shot in time for both you, your children, and future generations to enjoy!

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