Homeschool Weekly Wrap-up: Under Construction!

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In Our Homeschool This Week…
This week has gone by so fast and in such a whirl wind it is hard to even reflect on what we accomplished or didn’t! We didn’t have official lessons this week. We did focus on reading. We finished “Little House In The Big Woods” and began “Farmer Boy”. I’m excited to get to “Little House On The Prairie” since we live about 2 miles from the replica here in Independence Ks. I am hoping to take a field trip there in the fall. They also hold a festival every spring that we will begin to attend. It is so funny how you can take things for granted when they are in your own back yard. The girls have loved learning about how they lived and all the things that their life held.

We have spent most of the mornings this week playing outside because we have gotten a much needed, yet temporary I’m sure, break from the heat. It has been nice and cool like 95 here and have received a few small showers in the evenings which has helped perk everything back up a bit. This makes summer a little more tolerable and much more fun. In the afternoons we have just been trying to stay caught up on inside chores.

We completed our back to school shopping with Mema. We took a trip to Tulsa over the weekend and finished up purchasing the supplies and a few extras for the year. I’m so excited to get started!

I also got our reading incentive programs signed up. Here are the three we participate in if you want to get in on the fun!
Pizza Hut Book-it Program
Braum’s Buddies Reading Program
Book Adventure Reading Incentives

Other Goings…
I had a follow up appointment with my specialist on Monday and received a good report. The doctor is pleased with the progress that has happen so far and I don’t have to return for 3 months! He also gave me an additional med to help the healing along a little faster. When I went to the pharmacy to fill the prescription for this it was a zero copay!!!! Praise God! He is good!!!!! Please keep praying for me as I have run into a insurance glitch with my other med and had to switch pharmacies and the transition is frustrating and stressful.

We had another 4-H meeting Monday evening and the girls had fun playing and interacting with their pals!
Last night My Mom and I took them to the local swimming park for family night and they meet up with more 4-H friends to play with. They had a great time!

Yesterday I had a new child start in my childcare. He did really well and adjusted to the routine quickly. I have another child starting in a few weeks also. I have all of my spots filled and am as full as I have ever been. I am glad for the extra income but nervous about how this will all work when school starts. I defiantly have my hands full! God give me strength and guidance!!!!

Under Construction…
Last Friday was my Father’s last day of work. He is now officially retired. I am so proud of him and how much he has worked and sacrificed for my family. He must have already gotten board being at home because 1st thing Monday morning he came down to my house and started a project. He is constructing a new “barn” for our livestock. It isn’t big but it is big enough to hold our small farmstead and relocate them to a better location on our property. I am so thankful for all his help and knowledge on things like this. It will be a two sided shed where I will gain storage and have a larger place to keep the animals warm and dry in the winter. We have been spending most evenings helping in anyway possible. My job has been to feed the masses! The girls even got into the work spirit with their play tools and handing daddy and papa nails! Once it is complete we will start running fence for their new home!

Blog Happenings…
I now have a Facebook site fro up-to-dates on us!
Beginning August 20th I will be part of a 5 day series. Be sure to check back then!

I am also linking my “Not Back To School” series with the ihomeschoolnetwork blog hop!

3 thoughts on “Homeschool Weekly Wrap-up: Under Construction!

  1. What a wonderful week! I have a friend who is new to homeschool and she also has daycare/preschool in her home! Looking forward to seeing how that works for you! and also looking forward to your 5 days of organizing and cleaning, but wish it was this week! Nice to “meet” you!

  2. Hello Emmalee,

    I am stopping by from iHomeschool Network.

    How wonderful to hear about retirement for your father. I pray he’ll be able to enjoy it.

    We signed up for the Pizza Hut Book-It too. I pray for a successful homeschool year!

    Take care.

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