Made Perfect IN His Presence!

Proverbs 31
Yes all of it!!! I’m not going to copy paste it here due to length, but I challenge you to go back and re-read it.  This is my wrap-up post of the 14wk study.

God is giving us very specific instructions on what kind of women we are to strive to be. He is also letting us know what kind of women to train our sons to look for or daughters to mold into.

I have read several comments about how overwhelming this study was and how it seems to only point out the flaws we have. I just want to strengthen and encourage those people as well as myself with this post.

This is a tough list to go through. they were not many areas where I felt like I hit the mark. But I did grow and will continue to strive to meet them. Let’s remember that it is the picture of a women who is complete and at the end of her life. It is not a snap shot of her day or hour but it is a reflection of her entire life. I believe that no one can live up to these expectations every second of everyday. We are all going to have times when we really blow it and that is why we should press on. We are made perfect by being in His presence and searching His word. Only He can give us the strength, forgiveness, and drive to better ourselves and a wife, mother, and women.

This isn’t about pointing out our short comings or providing a checklist for who we are to become. It is much deeper. It is about giving God the opportunity to help us become who He wants us to become. It is about opening up space in our busy schedule to meet with him and grow in him. It is about being humble and willing not perfect! God doesn’t use the ones who think they have it down. He uses the broken and needy. He uses those who acknowledge their faults and allow Him to transform them. He uses us, housewives, moms, and teachers that don’t always have it together but know that he is bigger and will see us through if we allow Him!

I hope to see you in the next study, growing in his grace and love through the book of Colossians!
Sign-up begins August 15th and runs through September 15th!

Lord, thank you for this study and how it has convicted and encouraged me to run to you and you alone for my strength and direction. Only when I humble myself and turn to you am I found worthy. Thank you for your forgiveness and grace and help me to extend it to others. I thank you for this time of meeting with you and growing closer and more deeply dependent on your word. I give you all the glory, honor, and praise. Amen

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