The Game Plan…….2012-13

As the clock ticks down to the kick-off of 2012-13 school year, I quickly realize that it doesn’t matter how prepared you think you are, you always forget something. I was placing all the 1st weeks papers into notebooks and realized that I hadn’t even thought of what I was going to teach the youngers this year. I know I know your shocked! haha To Pintrest I went!!!! Only eight more days to figure it out.

Being a childcare provider on top of a HS mom I have the privileged of teaching more than just my children. This year I have a vast age group. My youngest daycare child is 5 months. Then comes the two 2 year olds (one mine and the other daycare). Next two 3 year olds. Lastly my 5&6 yrs old K & 1st grader. I guess this is God’s way of providing me with the a large family since we are unable to have anymore.

I thought I would fill you in on what we have planned this year…

For K & 1st we are using Horizons curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications. I am super excited about this curriculum. It is bright and colorful, traditional with a modern twist. It uses the spiral learning method where one topic is introduced, reviewed & then reviewed periodically. It seems much faster paced then what we have used in previous years which is a good thing for us. Once the girls “get it” they move on and come back and review at different time frames. This curriculum is biblical based which is a must for us.

For Bible we are using many different units. Our 1st grader is taking part in a weekly Bible quizzing program through our church. She is studying the book of Acts. We are also covering The Fruits of The Spirit, Moses, A Circle of Love (Advent), Esther, What Do I See at Calvary (Lent) & Biblical Characteristics

For Science we are using Horizons Health and creating science themes to go with it. We are starting off with weather. Followed by Forces of Nature, The Human Body, Botany, Electricity and Magnets. I’m sure we will also mix in a lot of impromptu to silly science! You can find more details on our science plans on my Pintrest Boards!

The girls are also enrolled in both dance and gymnastics this year to help with physical education.

Now on to the little guys!!!!!
They are young and technically not pre-school age yet but I didn’t want them to fill left out during all the fun and excitement so they will have activities that are age appropriate but still interactive with the weekly lessons. I also have set a goal that they focus on learning shapes and colors. In my Pintrest hunt I stumbled on so cute and FREE printables I will be using. They include shape and color books, vocab words, posters and games! They are from Me&Marie! There is much more good stuff on that site I have yet to explore!

Hope that this gives some new ideas for your school year and a sneak peek into ours! Happy Schooling!!!!

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