Happy Halloween Costumes! Lightening Bugs!

Today is Halloween so I thought it would be fitting to share what we are going to dress up as. My children never ever pick a costume that you can go to the store and just buy. I guess that is my curse for having wonderfully creative children!

This year they chose to be lightening bugs. So I scanned the aisles at the local store and nothing…. So to the internet I went and again…. nothing. I even search for DIY how to’s and next to nothing…. So I set my creative mind to work and Hubby helped me brainstorm just how we were going to pull this off.

We had some black tutu’s left over from the girls birthday tea party (luckily 3). So I came up with the idea to us them for the bottoms and went to a craft store and found some lime green fabric to construct the light up “tails”. I cut them out in a semi-oval shape and sewed them together similar to what you would do to make a pillow, leaving the straight end open. I then stuffed them with pollyfil and sewed them onto the tutu’s leaving an opening underneath where I can stuff in a glow stick!

Next to the wings…. My husbands uniforms come on wire hangers which I detest. So we have piles and piles of them. I experimented and found that if you just pull on the opposite ends they kind of self form into wing shape. Then you just cut off the hook. I covered them with black pantyhose and hot glued felt over the ends to keep them together and not pokey. Next I hot glued on elastic straps.  I found some glow-in-the-dark paint in the fabric craft section and painted the stripes.

The antennae were super easy. A head band with a lime green pipe cleaner twisted around it.

The girls were super pleased and looked adorable!!!!

Now that leaves me with my costume…. I thought it was only fitting to go as a bug catcher! haha

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