Homeschooling When Life Happens!

A month ago I wrote all about being excited to start the homeschool year off. I then quickly dropped of the face of the blog earth. I am ashamed to admit that we are still struggling to get week one complete a month after we started it. One of the joys of homeschooling is the ability to be flexible, one of my biggest struggles is being flexible! 
Into the first week of school I started to feel sicker than I had been in awhile. Many of you know or follow me and are up to date on my daily health struggles, but this was different. I was dizzy and nauseated, unable to keep anything down. I knew that pregnancy was not a possibility, so that something really was wrong.

 I quickly made an appointment with my specialist which was still weeks away, so I visited my family Dr and received medication to try and treat the symptoms. After many failed attempts, testing with no outcomes and 4 ER visits I found myself sicker that I ever remember being before. We drove to a larger town 45 minutes away and I was checked in and admitted. One more test to be done to determine the cause of the extreme pain and illness. I had not eaten for over 3 weeks and was very dehydrated. It was determined that my gallbladder has badly infected and had not functioned correctly for a long time (under %10 functionality) . I was quickly taken to surgery and it was removed and I am now at home recuperating. I feel stronger and more like “me” everyday. I cannot yet do all my normal tasks and get extremely tired after doing just little things. I did successfully make it through the grocery store last night which I am so glad about!!!!
This brings me to the next hurdle of “now what”! I am obsessive about schedule and organization. I had my year pre-planned to a T. Every i was dotted and t crossed. I knew what we were doing when, how and why. But we have now missed over 3 weeks of this “schedule”! how will we ever catch up? How will we ever get it done? Everything is so messed up!!!!! EEERRCCKKK We homeschool, duh!!! There is no time constraint, no end date, no deadline!!!!!! We are free to catch up at a relaxed and CALM pace! We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, lace up our boot straps and GO!!!!! We re-group and move on. We just DO! What wonderful freedom! What liberation! What a stress relief! Thank God for family, friends and His power and healing! But now we just Go and Do!
Have you ever faced a setback in homeschooling? How did you overcome and go forward? Overall God is the schedule keeper and He will amend when necessary!

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