Calling All Prayer Warriors!

This Advent Season please join me in lifting up the Calhoun family in prayer. Yesterday I wrote about Hope and here is a perfect modern example about how God uses the broken or misunderstood situations in our lives to make big changes for his glory. I know and believe that this precious child will bring glory to God’s name through his accomplishments and by how he has already begun to change the hearts and minds of those who come into contact with him.

Here is their Story….

This week my life turned upside down.
I keep holding onto the amazing pregnancy and beautiful birth I had with John Michael and even more precious to me: the first two weeks of his life were filled with (ignorant) bliss, love and peace. I am so glad I had those two weeks.
On Tuesday I noticed he had a bruise on the roof of his mouth plus a couple of other spots on his skin that made me think he might have some sort of blood clotting issue or something, plus he had lost a lot of weight and couldn’t seem to gain any. After taking him to the Dr. and getting lab work done we found out his platelet count was 13 when 130 is normal. So we dropped everything and were admitted to Wesley hospital. I guess I was being hopeful when I thought if I didn’t pack any clothes for myself it would mean we would be home that night. We really had no idea what to expect. After doing a CT scan, they found out he had in their words “severe brain damage ” After more tests they found out that he had been infected with CMV probably very early on in the pregnancy, which caused this. CMV is a virus that half of the population has and doesn’t even realize it, once you have had it you are immune to it for the rest of your life. Apparently I had been infected for the first time during my pregnancy and passed it to John Michael, which doesn’t always happen. Even out of the babies that it gets passed to 90% of them don’t show any signs of having had it. John Michael’s condition is so rare…. .001%
They gave him a platelet transfusion which kept his platelets up, and put a feeding tube down his nose to his stomach which we put my breast-milk in in addition to latching him on when he is able to.
The doctors who gave us his diagnosis weren’t very positive about what his life will look like (if he will talk, walk, eat etc.) but when talked with the neurologist he said we don’t know what he will and won’t do. The brain is an amazing and mysterious thing.
He has his hearing and vision, and all other systems seem to be working normally, he doesn’t seem any different from any other baby you might meet.
I believe with all my being that my son will be intelligent and will RUN and amaze the world!!

Some time has passed since that was written and John Micheal is experiencing some “delays”. But since we serve a God who we know is bigger than anything that we can encounter here on this earth; we know that is just what they are, “delays”. Please Join me in lifting this family to the feet of God through prayer. Pray that God’s will be done in the life of this family and this child. Pray for healing, but most of all pray that God’s name would be glorified through this situation and that He would use this as a way to further His kingdom.

His mom has written a prayer that she wishes us to pray for them. It is in effort to be unified and strong in the midst of Christ. As we know where 2 or more are gathered He is also there. I believe that this applies to prayer also. As we unify and lift this family up we will be instruments for God to work and heal this precious child!

A Mother’s Prayer…
Dear friends,
We have written a prayer for our loved ones to pray over our son every day:

Almighty God,
Creator and Sustainer of Life,
you are the Great Physician and our Healer.
Forgive us our sins this day, so that through the blood of the Lamb we may come before you with a pure heart.
We ask that you, the God of Restoration, would bring healing to John Michael.
That You would fulfill your purposes for him and
that through his life you would be glorified.
If you are willing, Lord, he will be healed.
May all glory and honor be unto your name now and forever. Amen

Please print this out and hang it on your fridge, mirror or in your car or Bible and pray it everyday. It is the intent behind it, the unity of spirit that we seek.
Somehow there are still people who don’t know what is going on with my son and here is the simplest way to put it…

I believe in a God who can make the blind see,
the deaf hear,
the lame walk,
and the mute speak….
and the truth is anyone of those could be my son.

Please feel free to share this link with as many people as possible!!!!!!!

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  1. I was asking God for opportunites to pray this Advent time and throughout the year as we plant grass seeds for each person we pray for or anything we do in God’s love. We are praying. Thank you for sharing.

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