Advent Week 4: Hope Of A Broken World.

This week has been a hard week in our neighborhood and nation. The unspeakable tragedy in Connecticut.  Two families in my community have lost their homes and everything they have to fire. Two Children drowned at a birthday swimming party, however due to quick action and CPR they are both recovering after spending time on life support. They received the diagnosis of death or brain damage and now are both expected to make full recoveries, praise God!

I have no words to describe the chaos that is surrounding us in this broken world. I just now that it is because we live in a fallen and sinful world. But I do know Peace. I do know the Creator and Author of life. I do know the great Comforter and Healer. And he shall be called Jesus!
As Mary prepared to bring forth her first born son and Joseph prepared to father a child not his own, there must have been much chaos surrounding them. They must have felt so much uncertainty and possibly fear.  Joseph was given the instruction to name the baby Jesus, Emmanuel meaning God With Us. That is still true today, He is God With Us. Even in times when he seems so far away he is here with us; providing hope, love, joy and peace. 
When I ponder all the chaos around us I realize that true, lasting peace does not depend on my circumstances. Peace is learning to trust in God, even in the midst of the chaos. Peace comes when I set my heart on what is lasting and true, not temporary earthly things. Peace is having the confidence in a God who loved us so much He was willing to send his precious Son to Earth as a helpless babe, to save a wretched sinner like me. Peace is saying no to the world, and yes to God. ~ paraphrased from “Keeping Our Hearts Focused on Jesus”.
How true that we stop depending on our surroundings for peace, but on our God. This life is fleeting, our bodies are temporary, our stuff is disposable. But our souls are everlasting and that is where we need to start our focus. Not on what we have or what we have done, but in who we are and hope to be in Christ Jesus!
In the beginning was darkness but God spoke the word’s “Let there be light”. He sent us His light, the Light of the world. Out of chaos came His promise, the hope of a broken world was born and He is Jesus. He is the Day Spring, He is the Morning Star. All creation speaks of who He is. He is the joy to the Earth. Through Him comes restoration. 
Below is a song by Selah that I hope you take the time to listen to. It touched my heart and is very worshipful.
May the peace of God be with you!

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