Hubby, Don’t Open Until Christmas!!!!

If you are like me cash gets a little tight around Christmas. Combine that with a Hubby that is hard to shop for, well…… you end up with having to find creative gifts. This year I think that I have found a WINNER! It is fun, creative & personal!

This year one of his presents is 12 months of pre-planned date nights! (1/month). We have been talking about doing formal date nights for awhile now. Currently they are few and far between but in an effort to re-connect and spend quality time together we have started making a better effort to make it happen. But then the night comes and we usually end up sitting and staring at each other saying “what do you want to do?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” Then before we know it we have blown the whole “alone time” evening doing nothing.

So… Here is the game plan!

– Get 12 envelopes. I used the brown 6×9 storage envelopes with clap closer.

– Print out the Date Night Monthly Labels I created and tape to the front of the envelopes.

– Inside write out your date night on the Date Night Cards. Include what you are going to go do. Maybe a gift certificate to go do it or other fun items!

Be creative with the Date Nights. I found lots of ideas on Pintrest. I even created a 20 Questions game to use for one night.

Here are the ideas I used:
– Make a special dinner together. Then snuggle up with a bottle of wine and play 20 Questions.
– Make Ice cream sundaes and play board games.
– Go for a fun night including dinner and bowling.
– Try a new restaurant (or one that you haven’t been to for awhile). Then hit the town! (maybe find some    where with Karaoke or dancing. Or just go window shopping.
 – Go Off the grid… No cell phone, tv, computer, etc… If the weather permits go camping, otherwise stay the night away.
– Picnic somewhere romantic outside & stargazing.
– Snow cones and snuggles (we have a really cool color changing fountain in town to go snuggle by).
– Indoor romantic picnic and dancing. Put on some music and dance the night away.
– Wii-Off Challenge! Play fun games and provide fun snacks.
– Nerf War! Get cheap Nerf guns and challenge him to a war. Loser buys dinner!
– Movie night. rent a movie that you have been wanting to see and snuggle up with movie treats.
– Our anniversary falls in December and we have never watched our wedding video. So I have planned to settle in and reminisce down memory lane!

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