Beginning Goals for Luke

Tomorrow begins a new study from Good Morning Girls. This time we are diving into the book of Luke with a series entitled “Living Like Jesus – Leaving our comforts and walking in faith”.
As we prepare to embark on this wonderful study I ask you all (the women participating with me) to take a few moments and pray over your study guide/reading guide. Pray that God will help you to make him the priority in your life. Those words are so easy to say but I really challenge you to reflect on the amount of time you spend with him each morning (or devotion time). Do you truly give him the freedom to guide and direct your paths or do you go through the motions to check it off your list and move on? Give the Holy Spirit true control over your devotion time. I know as moms many of us are on a time schedule but start trying to “sneak” in some private alone time with God throughout your day to reflect and refresh your Spirit and re-connect with our source of strength. I assure you that your outlook on the day will be much different in a positive manner.  We must do all things to the glory of His name and give Him thanks. Even if the “thing” if doing mundane tasks such as folding laundry or doing dishes, If we give him the praise and glory it will not seem so bad!
Ok, so enough rambling…
I challenge each of you to set three goals for the upcoming session! Here are mine!!!!
  1. To rise each morning and set time aside for God and his word. Staying focused on Him and what he has for me each day. I often find excuses to catch up later if I miss a day and my goal is to not miss a day!!!!
  2. Leave my comfort and walk in the faith of Christ. I often have things that I feel called to do or say but let my own self doubt get in the way of Christs plan.
  3. To stay positive and remember that God will not lead me to something that he hasn’t prepared me for. He also provides strength and sufficient grace to see me through the hard times life throws my way. He will NEVER leave me or forsake me! that includes the times I run from his truths and when I turn back to him he is always right there to catch me!
I hope that you will take the time to do your own unique goals (even privately)! I look forward to studying Gods truths in Luke with you!

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