Human Body Unit – Cells

This one was harder to teach. I wish I would have borrowed a microscope for the girls to actually look at different types of cells. I think they would have really got a kick out of that! But we had fun and learned much without it!

First we watched the “Cell Wrap”! The video was geared more toward older kids my my girls loved it and still got the point that cells have different organelles that help them function as intended. In fact they are still singing “cells cells, their filled with organelles!!!”
Next we talked about the different functions that the organelles have and their names. We used flashcards that I got from “Spell Out Loud”. We also used the cards in our next project as labels!
Then we created our edible cell!!! I found a great post from “The Fantastic Five” on how to make a Jello cell.
Our Supplies!
We sorted out the “organelles” and labeled them.
I’m not going to tell you what happened
to the extra!
We will just pretend they magically disappeared!

Placing them into the “cytoplasm”!
Our finished cell! aka snack!

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