Human Body Unit – The Bladder, Kidneys & Liver

Today we studied about our Bladder, Kidneys & Liver. These organs that have the important job of filtering our blood and removing liquid waste from our bodies.
We started with the kidneys and used our “My First Human Body Book” to trace the route the blood takes through the kidneys into the bladder.

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Next we did a filtration experiment to show how the kidneys remove the waste from our blood and transfer it to our bladder. 

Start with 2 jars. In one jar mix water and corn meal. Place a coffee filter on top of the second jar, gently pushing it inside forming a cup. Use a rubber-band to secure the filter.

Slowly pour the mixture from the first jar into the filter attached to the second jar.
The result is that the filter removes all the “waste” from the first jar and clean “usable” liquid is left in the second jar.
After the experiment we colored our kidney/bladder sheet and added them to our “My Body” models!
As a Liver investigation we dissected a cow liver and colored our liver page for our models.
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