Human Body Unit – The Heart & Blood

I was so excited about all the fun experiments we had planned today that I could hardly wait for the girls to wake up so we could start! We learned about the jobs of the heart and about how it pumps blood through our bodies providing us with fresh oxygen and removing waste. We also talked about blood and learned how it helps us fight off illness and heal. 
We started off by listening to our hearts pump and talking about the sounds it made.

Next we tried to see how fast we could make them pump! Then listened to the difference in sounds.
We learned that we have about 5 liters of blood in our bodies and to help illustrate this we measured 5 liters of “blood” into our water table! Did you know that if you lined up all the blood vessels in our bodies they would wrap around the world twice? Wow even I learned something!
The girls finished up the heart section by coloring their hearts to add to the “My Body” models.
After that was complete we learned about the different parts of our blood and the job that it has to help us.
We constructed our blood model!
To do this we used a jar of water dyed yellow to represent plasma. Then added cheerios dyed red for the red blood cells that carry oxygen to our bodies and return with carbon dioxide turning them blue. The marshmallows represent white blood cells that help us fight off diseases. Finally, the blue berries represent our platelets.  
We finished up our experiments by talking about how blood vessels act as tubes carrying the blood through out our bodies. I thought a good way to illustrate this was to place celery into a jar of water. I placed a few drops of red coloring in half and a few blue in the other. If you are careful the colors will not mix and the celery will soak up both blue and red individually. 
Here are the videos we watched today to help us learn about the Heart and the important job it has!
Do The Circulation – School House Rock

Learn About The Heart

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