Praying In Color – book review

It is rare that I do “reviews” on products that we use. But I found this wonderful tool and concept and had to share!
For a long time now my oldest daughter has been a powerful prayer warrior. Audrey, though only 6 years old LOVES to pray! I will often see her sneak off and when I go to check what she is doing, I find her quietly sitting either in her room or mine. When it first started happening I was skeptical (like many moms would be). I thought she was sneaking off to do something without asking first. But after a few times I asked what she was doing. Her reply was “Mom, I’m praying and it is to loud in the other room for me to pray!” Immediately my heart melted and I decided to do everything I could to grow this habit!

I allowed her to put prayer request into the offering plate on Sundays. Let her sneak off to have quiet alone time with God. But I didn’t have many other ideas until I heard about “Praying In Color”
It is a way to keep your hands busy so your heart and mind can focus on Christ. It combines prayer and doodling! 
All you need is:
coloring material of choice
Find a quiet area and begin by meditating on God’s great power. Praising Him for all he has done, is doing and will continue to do. As you do this draw a shape and fill in a name for God. continue decorating that shape as you meditate. Next move on to praises, confessions, petitions, etc… As you go continue doodling!
This concept has inspired me to make a “prayer” area. I was brainstorming all the things that I could put in the area to help develop this gift in her and facilitate a time of prayer for all my children in their individual learning styles.
  • Picture Prayer Bowl – fill a bowl with pictures of family, friends, missionaries, places, etc… As they look through the pictures have them focus on praising God for them or on a need that the person may have.
  • Sand Box Praying – (similar to a “zen garden”) same concept as the praying in color. Keep hands busy so heart and mind can focus on God. But an alternative to those who don’t like to draw.
  • Prayer Candles – When I pray I like to light candles as a symbol of sending my thoughts upward to God. Now if you are like me you won’t trust your kids with candles! haha But they have battery operated tea lights with no flame! This would also help them to know that this is a special time of conversation between them and God!
  • Quiet Praise Music – Help facilitate a time of one-on-one closeness to God.

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