Recipe Of The Week: Italian Breakfast Wraps

As you may know if you a regular follower of the “Hoggatt Homeschool” we added six chickens to our “circus” last spring. Well their egg production is in high swing now and we are over run with eggs!!! We get 4-6 a day!!! Needless to say, if it is made with eggs we have tried it!

Audrey showing her favorite chicken  at the county fair last summer!

We usually stick with the same quick recipes like scrambles eggs, quiche, breakfast burritos, etc…

While breakfast wraps are popular here… This week I gave it a little twist by going Italian vs. Mexican.

eggs, scrambled with milk
onion, chopped
garlic, smashed
mushrooms – optional
cheese – mozzarella, parmesan, or other favorite
favorite wrap – tortilla, spinach, wheat, tomato basil, etc…

First, fry bacon in large skillet. Just before finished add the chopped onions & mushrooms to caramelize. Once cooked to your preferred “doneness”, remove and drain on paper towels. Remove most of the grease from the skillet leaving only a little to keep eggs from sticking. Scramble eggs with a little milk, garlic and salt & pepper. Cook in skillet. Once complete return bacon and onions to pan. Chop spinach and add allowing residual heat to wilt. Finish by adding cheese and wrapping in favorite wrap!

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