Broken and Poured Out

Luke 7:36-43

The women was forgiven of much and was obedient to the calling. She had no way of knowing that she was anointing him for his death but was instead anointing him with her love. She was broken and he picked her up and helped put the pieces back together. In turn she poured out her love. It was never about the money but always about the sacrifice!

I think that we often get caught up in the logistics of “Christianity” and lose the fervor that we had when we were first saved. That is what was being played out in today’s reading. The women was fresh and on a spiritual high (which we should all be on, all the time). She was enthusiastic and wanted to thank God for all he did and will continue to do for her. She wanted something more than just words. She wanted a real sacrifice of love for him. 

As we age in our walk with Christ we sometimes forget about all that we were forgiven for and take for granted the love that he gives to us. We fail to have the kind of brokenness that the women had and climb far up onto our high horse. We forget that we were, are and always will be sinners in need of his saving. We forget to pour out our needs and we begin to think that we can handle it on our own. 

We may also start to judge other for their brokenness and think that they are “putting on a show” because we are to self conscious to let others know that we too are broken. We need to remember that we have no way of knowing the cost of their debt. We have no way to know what they were forgiven for or from. We need to turn our judgement inward and remember  that we too had a cost… All our cost was equal…The payment for ours sins was all the same. The life of Christ.

Lord, help me to remember the cost of my sins, not that I might dwell on them but so that I can remember that it was a debt paid by you. Help me to extend you love and mercy to those who are broken and to pour out my brokenness in the form of praise to you. Help us to all let go of judgement of each other and our motives and to focus on pouring out or lives in service to your kingdom. Amen

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