Chalk Smudge Art

When we are trapped inside during the winter months we begin to brainstorm and complete inside projects for 4-H and now the upcoming Kidsfest Talent at our district church. One of the projects that my 5 yr old did is chalk smudging. This is a great project for those who need a little extra practice in fine motor skills. Her talents usually don’t consist of coloring in the lines which is great for this project!

What You Need:
Chalk Pastels
Nice Paper – I used water color paper
Hair Spray
Scrap Newspaper or other scrap paper

Begin by cutting desired shape out of sturdy cardstock. She choose a cross on a hill (2 pieces).

Next pace cutouts onto newspaper and begin coloring edges of the cut outs with chalk pastels in desired colors.

After sides are colored gently tack cutouts onto larger paper (I used sticky tack to hold in place). Begin smudging edges onto the nicer paper.
When that is complete, remove cutouts and finish lightly coloring and smudging the outside areas with desired chalk color.
Spray with hairspray to set color and stop further smudging.
I think it is important that my children always associate what they are doing with giving God the glory, so we looked up different bible verses about Jesus and his sacrifices for us. She then wrote it at the bottom of here creation.
She choose 2 Corinthians 1:20a – 
“For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ!”

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