Everyone Needs Compassion

Scripture Reading  – Luke 7:1-10 (Monday) Luke 7:11-17 (Tuesday)

I didn’t write yesterday because I didn’t feel that I had a strong conviction about anything but today it hit me… Jesus showed compassion. No matter what the circumstance, whether the were a “believer” or not, social status, etc… He loved them. When they were hurting he was hurting. They saw that in him and then had faith and believed in him. 

We often get caught in our “charity” circle of only helping those who are directly around us or from an organization that our church sponsors. We then wander why we don’t have the “numbers” sitting in the pews on Sunday mornings. We are shown through Christ’s example of compassion that if we love them they will come. My church does a great job at this, reaching out to the hurting community without strings attached. Because of that we are being continually blessed not in “numbers” but in souls. 

What are some ways that you can reach out with compassion to the hurting world around you? Jesus didn’t go searching for ministry opportunities, they just found him. I believe that the same is true today. If we just become aware of our daily surrounding we will find countless opportunities to show love and compassion. Going to the grocery store and helping an older women with her cart, dropping change into the hand of a child wanting to ride games, paying for a meal for someone who is in need, just smiling at those who you can see are having a rough time. The ways are countless!

Lord, give me your eyes that I might see those around me and have compassion on them. Help me to see the needs and meet them. Help me to love like you love. Thank you for your words and guidance. Amen

One thought on “Everyone Needs Compassion

  1. What a beautiful post! What a lesson to teach our children that while we are to give of our treasure, that it is just as importnat that we give of our time and talent, to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ. I spoke of something similar on my blog on Monday. While almsgiving typically means giving of our financial means, I feel like it means so much more, as well; I believe that it is also the giving of ourselves and I am trying to do that this Lent. Hope you are having a great Wednesday, friend! Many blessings, Lisa

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