Homeschool Weekly Wrap-up: Home, Home on the range!

This Week In Our Homeschool…
We have been having fantastic weather for January. It really hasn’t gotten to cold for too long her in Kansas. We did get a cold front come through yesterday and received a light dusting of snow with it but it soon disappeared.
The girls received “real” walkie-talkies for Christmas and have been begging to go on a nature walk to there Mema and Papas house all by themselves (1 mile away).  While I’m not completely comfortable letting a 5&6 year old take off walking a dirt road alone quite yet. We did let them walk part way “alone”. We gave them a head start and followed behind in the car! They were so excited and thought they were big stuff!
“Nature Walking” to Mema  & Papas house!

This week we have continued on with our Human Body science unit! They are having such a blast learning. I usually am just as excited about it as they are! haha. We spent time on “Bones” this week.

Bone discovery!

This week we also celebrated Kansas Day. I have to admit I kinda forgot about it on the actual day, but, we celebrated Thursday with a field trip. We visited a local cowboy museum called “Dalton Defenders” museum in Coffeyville Kansas. It has memorabilia on the famous Dalton Boys who were outlaws of the west in the late 1800’s. It also has a collection of other old west items. We then meet up with some other local homeschoolers to learn some Kansas facts, play Kansas bingo and play prairie games. I think their favorite was “hoop jumping”. They also played hankie drop (similar to duck, duck, goose) and hoop rolling. The girls loved it and had a fantastic day!

We also made special cupcakes to celebrate the occasion! Sunflowers for our state flower!

Crafty Corner…
We fit in a cheap, fun and crafty project this week.

 Recipe Of The Week…
Tomato Basil Pasta Salad

I hope you all had as great of a week as we did! Stay tuned this week for some great February/Valentines ideas!!!Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed week and see you next week!

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    • Don’t kid your self! I am just now finally feeling like we are getting back on track. I had to learn the hard lesson of just letting go and doing what we can instead of sticking with a schedule! haha You are an amazing Mama and I wish I could be half as creative as you are!!! I miss you all so much!!!!

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