Homeschool Weekly Wrap-Up: Round & Round The Roller Rink

This Week In Our Homeschool…
Wow where has the year gone? I can’t believe we are already into February! We have had a good week all in all. We kept caught up on our school work and fit in many fun days also!

“Kicking Off” the week with a Superbowl party meant a lazy Monday of sleeping in but we did complete all the assignments that day! I have shared some “bayou” themed recipes that we fixed in honor of the game being played in New Orleans below.
In addition to the Monday, my dad (papa) brought a donkey home. His name is TC Champion and a friend gave him to us. He is 4 yrs old and broke to lead. The girls have fallen in love with another critter! I hope to have pictures soon! I am glad that he is living at Mema & Papa’s house though because he is accustomed to eating at 4:30 am and wakes them up with his loud heehaw every day.  I also don;t think we would get anything done in school if we added anymore “pets” to our farm!
Tuesday in addition to school work we created these yarn hearts to decorate our school room/dinning room! I have much more fun Valentines crafts planned for the upcoming week!
Wednesday was our usually HS gymnastics day and I am so thankful that my dad is able to take them to it since I work that day!
Thursday was one jam packed day!!! I found out Wednesday night a good friend that had moved away right before Christmas would be back for a visit while her husband worked on the house they were trying to sell. It was such a heart warming blessing to see her and her sweet kiddos again! I hosted a valentines coffee/brunch and we sat around all day chatting. I love when good friends visit and my coffee ladies are the best!!!!!
Thursday night was the homeschool skating party and the first time my girls tried skating. Mema helped me out with the kids since daddy had to work late. My mom and I used to live at the rink when I was young but haven’t gone in a LONGGGG time. The rink in our town closed down but there is one 20 min away. It will defiantly be something we go to again. We had a BLAST!!!!!
Ashlee was unsure of what she had gotten herself into,
but she warmed up to it and had a great time!

Audrey making the rounds.
She did eventually get off the wall!

Alyssa so sure that she knew what she was doing
 and that it was easy until she fell!
She also got the hang of it!
Nothing goes better with skating than ice cream!
Except for maybe a nice warm bed!

Whats Cookin?…
We tried lots of yummy new recipes this week that I will be sharing during the upcoming Tuesday “Recipe Of The Week’s”. Including Pork chops and rice made with french onion soup, One dish citrus chicken, Fried cabbage with bacon, quiche cups and berry salad. 

But as promised here is our “Bayou Themed” Superbowl goodies!

I hope you all had a great week and thanks for stopping by! Blessings!!!

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